[text_box]Codeus comes with 4 different styles to display your portfolio items on your content page – anywhere you wish. You can choose to show a grid overview with/without pager or to list the projects one list [/text_box]



Portfolio Overview Big Thumbs

[portfolio portfolioset=”consepts” thumb_size=”big” items_per_page=”4″]

[divider type=”double “]


Portfolio Overview Medium Thumbs

[portfolio portfolioset=”sales” thumb_size=”medium” items_per_page=”6″]

[divider type=”double “]


Portfolio Overview Small Thumbs With Pager

[portfolio portfolioset=”consulting,sales” thumb_size=”small” items_per_page=”8″]

[divider type=”double “]


Portfolio Overview One Column

[portfolio portfolioset=”processing,photography,one-column-2,one-column” thumb_size=”list” items_per_page=”6″]


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